Our Team

For nearly 3 years, we have helped growing brands define and express their unique identity through stickers, labels, and packaging. From ambitious startups to global organizations, we guide clients to an ideal future and help them navigate the brand side of change.

Meet The CustomStickers Team

Ryan - Founder

Ryan has always had a passion for business and branding. He started CustomStickers in his garage in 2021.

Jarrett - COO

Jarrett dropped out of college to pursue his passion in life - printing stickers.

Zoe - Design Lead

Zoe is our design guru, she leads our prepress process, and oversees the growing graphic design team.

Mike - Production Lead

As Director of Production, Mike leads strategic planning, print production and day-to-day operations to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers.

Raili - Category Lead

Raili oversees our new product launches and alternate and emerging categories.

Maren - Customer Lead

Maren leads our team of customer support professionals. She will make sure you get the best customer service in the world.

Rob - Fulfillment Lead

Fulfillment and assembly is central to our business. Rob oversees the entire team behind assembly and packaging.

Adam - Shipping LEad

Adam oversees all aspects of shipping. With thousands of packages shipped each week, he personally oversees each and every one.

Gracie - Business Manager

From HR to payroll, Gracie oversees the vast majority of the 'back-office' support for the company.

Ethan - Production Lead

Eesk is an Air Force veteran and our resident expert in HP Indigo printing. He has additional certifications and/or experience with Epson and Konica Minolta printing technology.

Brynna - design

Parker - Fulfillment

Parker has won various commendations at CustomStickers for his accuracy and perfect punctuality. He also has one of the best sneaker collections in the edifice.

Tom - Sticker Inventor

He invented stickers.

Dax - Production

Dax oversees production for the entire custom Label category.

Elle - design

Max - Graphic Design

Maxwell is a professional graphic designer. He has a degree in graphic design from the top program in the state of Utah. He also speaks 3 to 4 languages.

Karen - Customer Service

Karen brings years of customer service experience to our office. If you like, you can speak to her by calling our customer service number.

Dan - production

He invented stickers.

Joseph - Assembly & Fulfillment

Joseph has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, and one of the top beards in the edifice.

Charlee - Marketing

With her degree in digital marketing, and certifications from Google, Charlee runs our content and SEO playbook.

madison - Customer Service

Perry - Production

With extensive background in production and printing, Perry brings nearly a decade of production experience.

Tony - Warehouse

Tony has oversight over various aspects of the warehouse including humidity control and assembly.

joe - fulfillment

Andy - Marketing

Andy oversees various aspects of marketing and automation.

Jessica - Etsy Channel

As a professional graphic designer, Jess manages all aspects of our Etsy channel, including design, prepress, and customer support.

Braxton - Accounting

As a certified CPA with a masters degree in accounting from UVU. Braxton manages the books.

Sita - Fulfillment

Kosner - Quality Control

Colin - Software Engineering

Colin leads our software development and automation. He is also a partner at a venture capital studio, and an avid Magic: the Gathering player.

Kaelan - hr intern

Kaelan has recently moved to a role at local grocer. If you are interested in backfilling his position, please email us with your credentials.

Arlette - Fulfillment

Keltsie - Fulfillment

Dana - Customer Service

Kazdin - Fulfillment

Official Pokemon catcher.