Custom Labels

Custom Roll Labels and Sheet Labels made with your design or logo avaliable in a number of sizes, shapes and quantities. Perfect for branding, organizing, product packaging, or any task you see fit!

Die Cut Label Rolls

Get your labels in any custom shape you need. Printed on a roll for easy application

Circle Roll Labels

Our most popular shape, circle labels are great for product packaging, letters, and everything in between.

square Roll labels

Choose from 5x different sizes and create labels that will showcase your design and brand.

Rectangle Roll labels

With 7x different size options, rectangle labels can fit perfect on your product or packaging.

Oval roll labels

Oval labels are our most unique shape, avaliable in multiple sizes.

Label Sheets

Label sheets are kiss-cut adhesive labels arranged on a backing paper, designed for easy application.

Labels by Use Case

Food & Drink Labels

The CPG market is competitive. Make your product stand out with premium labels for your brand.

Shop Labels by Finish

Shop Labels by Size

Elevate your products with Custom Labels

Take your branding to the next level with professional roll labels designed for high-volume use. Upload your logo, image, or design and we'll do the rest.

Personalized Labels for Everything

Our custom sticker labels and custom sheet labels are printed on premium materials with a laminate finish for extra durability. Fine details are no problem, and our sticker labels are scratch resistant and waterproof.

custom Label FAQ

Why do people purchase labels over stickers?

Often stickers are purchased for decorative or promotional purposes, to add to accessories like phone cases, water bottles, etc.

Labels on the other hand are popular for informational purposes and applied to products, packaging or containers to provide information or warnings about the product it is applied to.

Why is the pricing and minimum order quantity different than stickers?

We have a minimum order quantity of 250x for custom labels because they require more setup before printing than stickers do.

However, custom labels are the most cost effective option compared to custom stickers as you order high volumes. We offer volume savings per label up to 100,000 labels.

Is the material used for labels different than stickers?

Yes, Labels are made with paper or BOPP, with or without lamination. The adhesive strength varies depending on the intended use and required durability.

Paper labels are not waterproof, however our laminated BOPP labels are. They work great when there is a likelihood of getting water, oil, or food on them.

All of our labels are safe and approved for indirect food contact, ie food and beverage product labeling. If you need direct food contact labels, reach out.

How long will custom labels last?

Because labels are made from a paper material called BOPP, their intended use is short term indoor, however adding lamination adds further durability making the labels water and oil resistant. When lamination is added, custom labels can typically last up to 2 years.

What is the standard turn around time for custom labels?

Standard turn around time is 5-8 business days for custom labels.

Turnaround time for labels may differ from stickers because of the difference in production proccess, we utilize two different aspects of our business when producing both products.

Because of this, if you order custom stickers and labels in the same order, they will be shipped separately.

I need a size or quantity that isn't listed, what should I do?

Reach out to our customer service team here or by emailing and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Can I customize the size and color of my personalized sticker labels?

Absolutely! Our online platform allows you to tailor every detail of your sticker labels, including size and color. Simply select the 'Customize' option when you browse our label sheets or rolls. You can adjust the size to fit your specific needs, choose from a spectrum of colors, and even incorporate your own text and artwork. If you need assistance or have specific requests, our team of experts is just an email away to help ensure your labels are exactly as you envision. We recommend checking the proof we provide after your customization to approve every detail before printing.

What are the storage and longevity features of your sticker labels?

Our custom labels are designed with both quality and convenience in mind. They are printed on high-quality materials that resist fading and wear, ensuring long-lasting durability. For compact storage, our labels come in easy-to-handle sheets or rolls, depending on your preference and usage needs. This format not only makes it easier to store them without taking up too much space but also simplifies the process of applying the labels when needed. If you have specific storage or longevity requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for recommendations tailored to your needs.

How do I know if the labels I order online will be compatible with my current label applicators?

Compatibility is key when it comes to label applicators. To ensure our labels work seamlessly with your existing setup, we provide detailed specifications for each label format on our shop's website. You can find information about the peel and stick features, the material of the labels, and their compatibility with different types of label applicators. If you're unsure or have specific compatibility questions, please contact us before placing your order. Our customer service team is available to assist with any inquiries to ensure your labels fit your applicators perfectly. Remember, checking these details before checkout can save you time and ensure a smooth application process when your labels arrive.

How can I save on costs when ordering personalized sticker labels in larger quantities?

To help you save on costs, especially when ordering personalized sticker labels in bulk, we offer tiered pricing, which means the price per label decreases as the quantity increases. This is ideal for businesses or customers who need labels in larger volumes. Be sure to check our online store for any ongoing promotions or deals, and sign up for our email list to be notified of special offers. Additionally, we provide free proofs before printing, ensuring your design is perfect and avoiding any additional costs from reprints.

Anything else to know about custom labels?


Are you looking for the ideal way to personalize your products, elevate your brand, or add a professional touch to your business? Our custom roll labels are the perfect solution, offering unparalleled quality, ease, and a wealth of customization options. With our diverse range of options, including print roll labels and paper roll labels in various materials, you're equipped to create unique label designs that resonate with your brand's vision. These labels are ideal for product packaging, labeling jars and bottles, or organizing inventory, ensuring every aspect of your business reflects your attention to detail.

Ordering labels online with us is incredibly simple. Our intuitive platform lets you effortlessly design and customize your labels, whether you choose from our free templates or opt to upload your own artwork. Select from a variety of label sizes and materials, and consider special features like white ink underprinting or custom shapes for added uniqueness. Our design software guarantees professional results, making it accessible even for those new to design.

Concerned about extra costs? We offer free shipping on all orders, so you can enjoy premium quality without the added expense. Our labels are crafted from top-notch materials, featuring permanent adhesive and water-resistant options, perfect for any surface and durable even in cold temperatures. For businesses needing larger volumes, we provide custom sizes and cater to higher quantities at competitive prices, without any hidden fees or setup costs.

Our custom roll labels also work with most label dispensers, making application swift and efficient. You can write on them or use a permanent marker without the risk of smudging or fading, ideal for products that require frequent handling. Whether you're labeling body products, gifts, or using them for promotional use, our custom sticker rolls are precisely cut to your specifications, ensuring your labels are eye-catching and memorable.

To ensure you're completely satisfied, we offer a proof for approval before starting production. Our rapid printing and efficient shipping mean you receive your order quickly, allowing you to start labeling and showcasing your products in no time.

Choose custom labels for a representation of your brand that's far from standard. Create an account on our website and enjoy the convenience of personalized labels for both business and personal use. Our exceptional customer support team is always ready to assist, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Discover the world of custom labels at our online shop, where creating personalized sticker labels is a seamless experience. Our range includes durable custom sticker labels and compact sheet labels, perfect for various applications. Each label is printed with precision, offering extra durability to withstand peeling, scratching, and daily wear. Customize your own labels with our user-friendly format, selecting from materials like gold, magnets, and more. Our labels are compatible with most label applicators, ensuring a fast and efficient application process. For personalized labels that truly stand out, you can upload your own artwork or choose from our vast stock. Get your custom labels approved online, enjoy great deals, and save time with our fast printing and shipping schedule. Whether for business promotions, events, or personal use, our customized labels are designed to meet your specific needs and add a touch of sophistication to any item.