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Excellent quality and fast shipping!!

Bald pochita stickers were very awesome

From the Soul King

The labels really helped me expand my business.

Absolutely Loved my stickers

Absolutely love the way the stickers came out! And the seller was so hopeful! I accidentally made a mistake with my shipping address and only realized right after checking out! I let emailed them right away and they quickly fixed it and was so nice about it! Will definitely be purchasing again!

Great value

Good quality stickers, but sticker mule got you beat on shipping time (i ordered 10 for 1$ from them same day) but still worth the $ cant beat it for the price

Print turned out great

Stickers look great

Rectangle Stickers
Natalie Soderquist
Exactly as ordered

My stickers came quickly and exactly how I ordered them. I was very happy with them as was the customer I made them for.


You can't beat $1 for 10 free, high quality, custom stickers!

Black Friday: Daily Deal 50x 2in Custom Stickers for $12

Awesome quality n good prices..thank u

Never recieved them

Ordered off a Fb special never received my stickers. It says they are shipped but no tracking updates are available.

Amazing job

These stickers were made super well I can’t wait to order more thanks

Quality Representation

First time ordering stickers from Custom Stickers. Ordered vinyl stickers from photos of my dog. So pleased with the high quality resolution and adhesive. Will definitely order from them again!

Great Quality!

All the fine details and text came out perfectly legible and crisp! The quality of print and materials are A+!

100x Custom Stickers for $29.99 | 3"

Very A-peeling

Color and details printed exactly. Pulled apart easily.

Awesome stickers

Great stickers with perfect print quality. Will order again!

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Michael Vander Vorste
Awesome deal and quality

The stickers I purchased are custom gifts for my friends. They were made quickly at great quality and shipped to me. I plan on doing this more often! So fun.

Excellent work!

These guys correctly sized my sample order where other companies lied about sizing. Quality was awesome! Will probably order from after testing out a few companies!

Hasn’t arrived

Hasn’t arrived yet, after 2 weeks….

Amazing experience

Every step of the process, from finding the best package deal for my needs to approving final proofs was easy thanks to the excellent customer support team. The stickers arrived quickly and were high quality. An incredible value for the price I paid. I highly recommend anyone to use them.

Great sticker

Fits my coffee mug. Love it

Stickers came in wishing a week of ordering! And sooo pretty

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Bradley Lewis
Die Hard Sun Proof Die Cut Stickers

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the amazing vinyl logo stickers we got from for CRI Acoustics. These aren’t just any stickers – they’re little pieces of art!

First off, the die-cutting really made our stickers pop – it’s like our logo just popped out and stuck itself onto the stickers. Every little curve and corner is spot on - and they got it right the first try. When we handed these out, everyone was like, “Wow, these are cool!”

And the colors – are so bright and cheerful, exactly like our brand. We’ve had these stickers out in the blazing Phoenix sun, and guess what? No fading. Zero. Zip. Nada. They’re melt proof and fade proof, just soaking up the rays and staying as vibrant as ever.

All in all, if you’re looking for some top-notch, sun-proof stickers that really show off your brand, you’ve gotta check out Trust our Sound Advice and Sticker Advice too!

CRI Acoustics

Great Quality and Fast Shipping

I ordered the 10 stickers for $1 shipped to check out CustomStickers quality and was pleasantly surprised. Shipping was super fast and convenient too. Highly recommend!

Golden State Warriors Sticker | Waterproof Vinyl Decal | 3in