At Custom Stickers, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for crafting one-of-a-kind products. Our high tech production process, lets you design and order products that truly resonate with your individuality. With our stickers, labels, and decals, our commitment to quality and precision remains unwavering.

The Custom Stickers story began when husband and wife Ryan and Melissa Dunn got the bug to start a business. Both had been working in corporate jobs that didn't "have much heart." They wanted to do something more entreprenurial, interesting, meaningful, and delightful.

In 2021, Ryan held a company-wide meeting to officially introduce our core values of Quality, Speed, Value, and Heart. Formally stating these values has caused us to think actively about them on a daily basis, and to act in accordance with them. We even hold an annual "Ink Awards" ceremony to honor the individuals whose actions best demonstrate each core value. Our commitment to these values is genuine - it's a way of doing business that defines our company.

We all have a story to tell. Custom Stickers is committed to making it easier than ever to tell yours. Our simple-to-use website includes our free proofing process to ensure that we get it right the first time. In addition, we store all your digital images for free, so reordering is super easy. Our support team is standing by to answer questions and help in any way possible. We stand behind, and guarantee, everything we make.

We hope to earn, and keep, your business!

Here are some of our most popular products:

Vinyl Stickers
Holographic Stickers
Circle Stickers
Sticker Sheets
Bumper Stickers
Clear Stickers
Custom Labels

What Else?

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability

CustomStickers is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. We employ eco-friendly inks and recyclable packaging, and collaborate with environmental organizations. Our facility is "LEED" certified and green, operating on 100% carbon-free energy, with over 78% coming from renewable sources. We proactively transform excess materials into artwork and sustainable fashion. Our objective is to achieve zero landfill waste by 2024.

Leadership and Advisors

In addition to Ryan Dunn, the founder, Kit Yarrow was an early advisor and strategist to the business.

Kit's seminal book, "Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and Why We Shop and Buy" offers a comprehensive look into the contemporary consumer's psyche. The book is grounded in the context of a decade marked by rapid and significant changes, which have deeply impacted consumer psychology regarding shopping and buying behaviors. Yarrow, an award-winning consumer psychologist, uncovers new motivations and behaviors of shoppers, emphasizing the deep psychological and often subconscious relationships people form with products, retailers, marketing communications, and brands​​​​​​.

The book draws from a wealth of consumer interviews and shop-alongs, revealing key trends that define modern consumer behavior. Yarrow discusses how current shopping trends display increased emotionality, with consumers seeking more intense experiences and turning to online platforms for relief and distraction. A notable shift towards isolation and individualism in consumer behavior is also explored, showing how these factors influence the ways consumers express themselves and connect with brands and retailers. The book even delves into neurological research, suggesting a rewiring of our brains that affects our cravings, thought processes, and focus​​.

"Decoding the New Consumer Mind" is particularly insightful for marketers, offering practical strategies to tap into this evolved consumer psychology. Yarrow provides guidance on how to integrate technology and innovation to bolster brand image, foster loyalty through authenticity and integrity, prioritize consumer needs and preferences, and deliver emotionally rich yet straightforward experiences. These strategies are designed to enable marketers to connect more effectively with consumers, thereby driving organizational profit and success​​.


At present, we are not actively seeking investors for our company. We are reinvesting earnings into capabilities to grow and strengthen our business independently.

However, we are open to the possibility of exploring investment opportunities in the future. As our business evolves and our needs change, we may consider partnerships with investors who align with our vision and values and can contribute to our long-term growth and success.

Why Choose CustomStickers

We are one of the fastest-growing custom sticker companies in America, dedicated to providing premium-quality, affordable custom stickers. Our streamlined online ordering process ensures customer satisfaction, which we prioritize highly. Our diverse clientele includes artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and renowned organizations like Apple, Google, and NASA.

Our mission is to be the leading eco-friendly sticker company. We craft our stickers from premium materials, featuring a durable outdoor base, eco-friendly inks, and a weather-resistant coating, making our stickers exceptionally resilient.