What Type of Sticker Material Should I Order?

There are a lot of options for making custom stickers. This is our resource center to help you pick the perfect sticker for your goals.

Choosing the Perfect Sticker

At CustomStickers, we offer a wide range of sticker materials and styles tailored to your specific needs. We understand that the choice of sticker material impacts your branding, and it's not always easy to determine which one is best for your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, we'll the distinctions and advantages of each sticker material.

What is the Most Popular Sticker Choice?

The most popular choice for stickers on our site is our custom white vinyl stickers. The most popular finish is matte, though glossy isn't too far behind.

This material excels in printing quality and offers excellent value with no minimum order quantities. Additionally, our vinyl is weather-resistant for 5 years, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sticker Materials Overview:

Vinyl Stickers:
Vinyl is known for its flexibility, making it suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. It's durable and has a smooth texture.

White Glossy Permanent Vinyl Stickers:
This material offers the strongest adhesive for industrial applications, such as property identification and safety labels. It's durable and waterproof.

White Matte Permanent Vinyl Stickers:
The difference between matte and vinyl comes down to taste and use case. Matte is a bit easier to read, and has a more 'professional' look. Glossy makes the colors pop and has a more 'fun' look.

Clear Vinyl Stickers:
Perfect for transparent applications like window signage. It's waterproof, UV-coated for abrasion resistance, and comes with front or back adhesive options.

White Glossy BOPP Labels:
Ideal for durable product labels, resistant to fading, oil, heat, and abrasion. Ordered on rolls, cost-effective for larger quantities.

White Matte BOPP Labels:
This matte option allows writing with pens or markers and offers a natural finish. It's also waterproof and ordered on rolls.

Clear BOPP Labels:
Shares the benefits of white vinyl but with a transparent background, making it great for showcasing packaging.

Holographic Stickers:
Digitally printed with white ink on 3mil thick metalized vinyl, creating eye-catching effects, even in low-light conditions.

Metallic Stickers:
Crafted from high-quality holographic flake material, perfect for adding a touch of chrome sparkle to your designs.

White Glossy Removable Vinyl:
This material boasts a strong adhesive, bubble-free air egress technology, and is waterproof. It's versatile and popular, ideal for various applications.

White Matte Removable Vinyl:
Similar to glossy vinyl but with a matte finish. It retains all the durability and waterproof properties.

Sticker Formats:

Sticker Pages:
Adhesive vinyl sheets, approximately US letter paper size (8.5x11"), allowing multiple designs per page. Die-cut for easy application.

Kiss-Cut Singles (Handouts):
Mini sticker pages determined by sticker size. Arrives in stacks, die-cut on each mini page, suitable for events and giveaways.

Transfer Stickers:
Ideal for multiple die-cut designs, applied using transfer paper with backing, easily removable without residue.

Sticker Rolls:
Minimum order quantity of 250 units, delivered on rolls of 250 stickers each. Die-cut on backing paper rolls, cost-effective for larger quantities, and available in various materials.

Die-Cut Singles:
Premium finish with individual die-cut stickers delivered in stacks. Leaves a professional flush finish and has a semi-gloss shine, available in different materials.

Whether you need stickers for personal or business use, our diverse range of materials and formats ensures you'll find the perfect fit. Explore our options and create your custom stickers with ease.

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Choosing the Perfect Sticker

Still Unsure?

Order one of our sample sticker packs. These sticker packs come with a random assortment of stickers in a variety of materials and finishes. We make sure to include standard white vinyl stickers in both gloss and matte, as well as holographic, and clear stickers.

Want to see our quality?

If you have a design in mind, but want to see our quality for yourself before you make a purchase, try our free custom stickers! This free sticker pack is for 10x stickers of your own design. We print them at 3in on white vinyl with a matte finish.