When you order from CustomStickers.com we want you to feel confident that you will receive the best product and that you will be happy with your purchase. 

We are now offering a Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders.  

What does this mean?  It means that if your sticker product doesn't come out right, we will fix it and replace it for free.

All orders will be covered for the following:

1. Incorrect finish (ie. you ordered gloss but received matte)
2. Printing issues (for example flaws in the print, such as print lines or ink issues)
3. Delivery issues (ie. package lost in transit, incorrect item received, wrong quantity)
4. Sizing issues (stickers guaranteed to be within 0.1in of your ordered size at the longest point)

If you opt for and approve a proof, we will also guarantee:

5. Incorrect cut lines (ie. you wanted a square cut but received die-cut)
6. Resolution and enhancements (for low resolution images, our team automatically applies enhancements to improve the quality. We will guarantee that what we print matches the proof in terms of resolution and clarity).

Please note that proofs are automatically approved after our system sends out two e-mail notifications over the period of three days. Auto-approved proofs are not covered for the above. Please watch for our proof e-mails after you place your order. Sometimes proof emails get filtered to spam, so be sure to check there.

Based on 4791 reviews
Always happy with my stickers!

... my buyers love them too!

Exactly What We Needed!

The sticker was perfect. Exactly as described. Great price! Free shipping! Will definitely be ordering from this company again.

Really great quality, and clear custom design, definitely ordering from here again. :D

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Christopher Ceglia

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Pretty good

The quality of the image is not as sharp and color real as sticker mule but overall it was a good job. I’m satisfied with everything.

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Heidi Wirtner
Great Stickers!

Quality is amazing and the weather resistant surface really lasts in the harshest environment. My customers really like them.

Amazing Quality

So happy you are running this promo! I ordered from several other companies and your product is by far better than all the others! Will only be using CustomStickers.com for all future sticker orders!

Circle Stickers
Sergio Arvizo
Vinyl Stickers

The quality of the product is excellent.. the request was fulfilled In a timely manner..

Great prices

Love Custom stickers, the 10 sticker deal is an awesome way to test a new design before a larger order or if you want to make a few stickers for fun!

They might’ve been good but this happened…

So I order these stickers excited for the great deal, and then they never came? Like I’m not that upset it was only a dollar but still. Just can’t say I recommend

Awesome Quality!

Stickers were awesome and captured every detail!

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Best sample pack ever!

Best sample pack and means of showing what you can do. Thank you.

"Louise Belcher, w/shades" stickers.....

BEST customer service I've experienced in years!! :):):) Stickers are crystal clear & very durable & lOOk GREAT!! :):):) FAST shipping, multi orders w ZERO problems! :):):)
THANK YOU Maren & crew!! :):):)

peel tabs are awesome, great stickers as usual

quick turnaround, high quality, and the peel tabs are a perfect new option. couldn't be happier.

Event stickers were a hit!

Wow! I ordered some event stickers last minute, and they arrived ahead of schedule and the quality was amazing. Thank you! On On - BVD

five stars

These are my second order of stickers for my new business, the first was from another company. An all-in-one type of site, but the die-cut was off and resolution was poor. After more searching I came across CustomStickers, allowing you to upload your own die-cut lines insures you get the desired look, and they came out sharper and with better color accuracy than the competitor. I’d definitely recommend CustomStickers.com, they specialize and do it well!

Amazing quality ,very fast turn around time, look great

Great quality! My new go-to for stickers!

I got some sticker samples and the print was great, but the cutting had some small issues on the edge, (more like the paper ripped instead of being cut) but after I reported it, they shipped me replacements for free! I couldn't have asked for better service! The replacements are great quality and I am ordering more designs as I type this!

Pure Vanguard Wrestling loves our new logo stickers.

We ordered from customstickers.com after another company failed to fulfill our order; finding them partly by accident. They processed our order quickly and with the highest quality. We WILL be using them again.

Michigan stickers

Prompt courteous service at a fair price.

Incredible stickers

The colors, the die cut, all of it was perfect. Definitely ordering stickers after the test print.

Cincinnati Bengals Sticker | Waterproof Vinyl Decal | 3in

Band stickers

We LOVE these. I ordered one smaller batch to see the quality and instantly loved them and order 500. They are for my teenage son's garage rockband and they feel so official with these. Also, can I mention they are totally dishwasher safe! We put one on a coffee mug and it went through the dishwasher no problem!