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Better than expected

I ordered a few stickers with my design to check out the quality and they were great, so far they seem very durable. The order was pending for 5 days and I needed it for a show, so I contacted customer service, they responded fast and shipped it 2 day express for no extra charge. I will definitely be ordering more, they’re my sticker peeps now!

Custom Stickers
J. Möller

Loved my stickers

Great Quality

Great quality stickers! Would buy again. The matte vinyl die-cut ones have been great so far, and the colour on them is great, if a bit darker than expected.

Fast and Great quality!

Still not delivered

When they get here I will let you know, but theyre probably lost thats what happened the last time.

Holographic Stickers
Kevin Clevenger
Quality stickers

Great quality stickers with awesome prices and fast shipping 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Liked them very much. Excited to use them.

Quality is fantastic, as always! The stickers are a little tricky to take off, but I think it’s because it’s thick vinyl. I also got some die cut ones.

Never received

I never received my stickers

I received your sticker samples yesterday and was very impressed right off the bat with the fast delivery. The stickers themselves were very nicely printed, very clear picture. They were big enough to use on the bumper of my car. All my friends wanted one!! Thanks for the GREAT FREEBIE!!

Nice quality stickers and customer service

Order got lost so I sent an email about it and they immediatelt told me they will print and ship another batch. Order was shipped in an envelope and I got a few extra stickers too. Wanted a sample before getting something else and this is a really nice deal for it. Will definitely order something in the future. Thank you!

2 Order and Still Great

Not much to say. One of the cheapest places I have found with great quality. Keep the deals up!!

Quality is on point!

Love the quality and coloring of the vinyl. Exceeded my expectations!

Custom Stickers
Charis Clark
Great Stickers For A Low Price

High quality stickers with a quick processing time and fantastic price for the quality.


great value and great stickers


By far the best stickers I have ordered online yet. Been searching for who we will do business with. This is it.

I never got shipping confirmation or the stickers

I didn't get the stickers so I can't tell you if I like them or not

Great stickers, great customer service.

Our business had a slight color hiccup with our sticker rolls and the owner took care of it and resent a perfect product. We’re extremely happy with the replacement stickers, as well as the customer service, and we plan on placing future orders. Thanks again.

Looks really good

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Great looking stickers

Awesome job turned out great. I am pretty sure chief will want more.

bou bun stickers

I'm very impressed with the cut of these stickers, the colors are on point! every detail i have in it is there :) I'll definitely use this company again!

Custom Stickers
Joseph Pohle
Not that satisfied

Couldn't see the proof before I accepted. Would have assumed that nothing needed to be cutout because I just wanted a square from the exact pdf I submitted. The cut lines were rough and not that high quality.

Custom Stickers
Jessica Norman
Expedited Shipping Is Not Expedited

This was my first time ordering from Custom Stickers. I need an inexpensive sticker to go in my holiday card sets, and I had a quick turnaround time. I choose this company because it was supposed to be both fast and inexpensive. I had printed these stickers previously with a different company so I selected “fast as possible” and skipped the proof + paid extra for expedited shipping. They sent a proof anyway, which ended up being a good thing because the die cut was significantly different than my previous orders. It took them over 24 hours to adjust the proof, and a couple days to print. Not a big deal. I ordered Monday and my stickers were shipped Friday. But my 1-2 day shipping took business 5 days so I ended up having to ship the stickers separately from the card sets. When I reached out to UPS, they said I was eligible for a shipping refund through Custom Stickers. I reached out to them but never head back. I was pleasantly surprised with quality of the stickers but not impressed with customer service.

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Amazing Speedy Stickers

Love the high quality stickers! Was amazed with the order speed! Will definitely order again.