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They work

Nice quick delivery

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Barb Montanye

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom Sticker Sheets
First Time Customer

I use CUSTOM STICKERS for the first time, and ordered my stickers on March4. 20 days later, after fighting to be acknowledged by the company, it really feels like they are running a scam. They emailed me on march 8th to say that my order had been mailed and was on its way. They even provided a bogus tracking number that never worked. I emailed them very nicely asking for help. I never got an answer. Almost 2 weeks after my stickers were supposedly sent, i emailed a second time, calling them out about taking my money and never sending any actual product. Isn’t that stealing? Then Maren got back to me saying that my stickers had never been mailed and never acknowledged or explained why i was sent an email confirming the order had been sent, nor did she acknowledge sending me a bogus tracking number. Maren also never acknowledged how difficult it had been trying to get some answer and why my first email asking for help never got answered. It has been such a frustrating and stressful process to keep CUSTOM STICKERS accountable and finally received my small order of 10 sheets of stickers. I never write reviews but I feel like this could help people save some time and money, and give their business to a company that actually cares about them. The lack of professionalism of this company is just baffling, i genuinely feel they would have kept my money and not send anything had it not been for me calling them out on it.

Custom Sticker Sheets


Sent the wrong ones first time and replacements haven't received yet.

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Cody Montgomery
Great stickers

Stickers look good and they have good prices and sales regularly. I have ordered before and they are still looking good!

Radically Amazing

No other service beats the competitors in price or quality, this business blows 'em all out of the water.


Very nice except backing was coming off had to flatten with book and all good now.

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Sticker Buyer

Received my stickers and couldn't be happier! It looks super dope on my phone and can't wait to get more soon! I had all white text so they added a black background and it was perfect!


I'm never disappointed in my sticker orders from you guys. Thanks for being so dependable and consistent!

Custom sample pack

The stickers I ordered turned out great! I am very satisfied!!

Somewhat disappointed

Glossy stickers are textured.
Matte stickers color are darker than what is expected
I uploaded a custom sample, they sent their own sample instead.

We have not received the decals yet? Where are they?

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Weston Sanchez
Awesome stickers, even better service! makes it simple to create and order stickers with your logo. They will also help you with designs if needed. They’re responsive and professional and quick. I highly recommend them!

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Marcos Torres
Excellent quality

Excellent quality Decals. Very glossy. excellent cutting and editing out the background. Will purchase more in future. Thank You

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Their stickers are of excellent quality, and the shipping is faster than any website in the USA.

You should try them at least once.

It was very nice quality stickers

The stickers were clear and very premium and many were included.

Great price for quality!

I was definitely weary of the price and source at first, but my stickers were printed with high quality/clarity. I also included a less than 1inch x 1inch QR code on my design that printed out functional.

White Sox Sticker never received

I never received the White Sox sticker I ordered and just assumed that your website/online store is a scam.

Decent quality Fast shipping

My order was processed right away. I received the order within 7days.I gave them 3 stars for the reason that the colors are a little dull. Will I order from custom stickers again? Maybe

250x Die Cut Stickers | 3"

Custom Vinyl Stickers
Matthew Peters
Quality and Price

I have been very happy with the overall quality of the stickers I have received and the price per sticker is very affordable! Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Round Stickers
Karen Barreca

Round Stickers

Great Quality!

The stickers look amazing! We received them on time and they are high quality!


The grand kids just loved them. They immediately put them on their water bottles their T shirts even though they weren't supposed to go on T shirts they it but you can't put. A. Price? On the grand kid's happiness.