Custom Bumper Stickers | FAQ

Custom Bumper Stickers | FAQ

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Here at Custom stickers we specialize in all types of unique stickers. With many different product offerings, our customers often miss lesser known products. Our custom bumper stickers are a great way to cheer on your favorite team or promote your brand. With thick and durable vinyl, your bumper sticker will stay on as long as you want, but not too long. When you're ready to give up on your playoff dreams or sell your car, simply peel to remove your bumper sticker. 

How Long Do Bumper Stickers Last on a Car? 

Our custom bumper stickers are printed on weatherproof vinyl that has a guaranteed outdoor life of 5+ years. Your custom sticker will stay safe as long as you want it to!

Will Bumper Stickers Damage my Car?

No! The vinyl we use for your custom sticker is fully removable and will not leave a residue on your car. Simply peel off when ready to remove. 

Can I Make my Bumper Sticker of Anything?

Yes! Simply upload your image at checkout. Any shape or design. Business logos, campaign slogans, quotes, messages, charities, sports teams, whatever you want!

What Size Should my Bumper Sticker be?

Whatever you want! We currently offer three standard sizes of bumper stickers; 7.5" x 3.75", 11.5" x 3", and 15"x 3.75". For extended sizes and quantities message us and we are happy to create custom sizes for you!

Should my Bumper Sticker be Matte or Glossy? 

Personal preference! The durability is the same whether you choose a glossy or matte laminated sticker. Both versions use the same high-quality vinyl, and the laminate protects the ink from sun and weather. 

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