How to Display Stickers | Top 10 Ideas

How to Display Stickers | Top 10 Ideas

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Stickers have become a way for people to express themselves, and show off their identity, preferences, and beliefs. 

Whether it's motivational quotes on your water bottle, or bumper stickers that show support for a cause or organization. 

So how do you show off your sticker collection? Where should you stick them? 

Without further ado, let's discuss the top ten ideas for displaying stickers.

Personalizing Tech Gear with Stickers

These days, we are glued to our technology. Nobody leaves without their cell phone, and depending on where you're going, the laptop or tablet is a likely passenger as well. So why not make your device a canvas for your sticker art? It's an easy way to personalize your stuff. Plus, stickers can trigger conversations. 

Every sticker has a story behind it. Consider the stickers you've collected from memorable places you've visited, bands you've seen live, or your favorite cafe. 

And who knows? That sticker from a niche tech conference might just introduce you to your next collaborator at a co-working space.

Check out our phone stickers or laptop stickers.

Elevate Your Outdoor Essentials

Transform outdoor gear like coolers or camping equipment by covering them with stickers. The next time you're out for a picnic or a camping trip, let your yeti cooler tell tales of your adventures. Stick logos of your favorite hiking trails, national parks, or mountain peaks.

Just remember, you want to get high quality vinyl stickers like the ones we make if they are going to be exposed to the elements. 

Hydrate in Style with Stickered Water Bottles

Water bottles, apart from being hydration companions, make for very nice sticker galleries.

Stickering them up isn't just a style statement; it's a conversation starter. You're likely to have your water bottle with you at the gym, on a hike, and at work. The right stickers can spark conversations about shared interests.

Like we mentioned with the outdoor gear stickers, it's best to use quality laminated vinyl stickers for your water bottle or hydro flasks. Our stickers are dishwasher proof, and hold up to the wear and tear that your water bottle might go through. 

Check out our water bottle stickers.

Travel in Style with Stickered Luggage

Luggage tends to look generic and boring. However... add some stickers and suddenly your pack stands out, whether at the airport, in a hotel, or on a bus.

More than helping you quickly spot your bags, your stickers can chronicle your travels. 

It's just a fun way to commemorate the places you've been — from the tranquil beaches of Bali to the bustling streets of New York.

Music & Stickers: A Perfect Harmony

For the music enthusiasts out there, instruments can double up as sticker display venues. If you're hesitant about sticking directly onto your beloved guitar or keyboard, consider plastering your case instead. A sticker from a music festival or a favorite band can rekindle memories of melodies, concerts, and encores every time you play.


Kids love stickers, but lunchboxes are a great place for adults to show off their stickers as well. Why should kids have all the fun? Whether it's stickers from various cuisines you've tried or from quirky cafes, let your lunchbox be a mid-day escape to your favorite food memories.

Planning with Personality

Planners, journals, binders, and the like are super popular use cases for your stickers. 

In addition to typical planner themed stickers, you can add stickers from places you visit, to activities you did, to poems or quotes that inspired a journal entry. Let each stickered page remind you of special moments.

Check out our custom sticker sheets to make planner stickers.

Wall Décor

Framing Your Sticker Collection Turn your living space into a sticker gallery. Create collages of your most cherished stickers and frame them. Whether it's in your study, bedroom, or living room, let these framed stickers be a testament to your journey, interests, and milestones.

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Memory Keepers

Keepsake boxes store memories, and what better way to decorate them than with stickers from moments past? Every time you open the box, the stickers will take you on a nostalgic trip, reminding you of times cherished.

Make a Sticker Mural

For those who have a LOT of stickers, an entire sticker mural can be a great way to show off your stickers. We have a wall dedicated to our favorite stickers here at the headquarters, and it's always fun to admire the creativity of our customers. 

Of course, it doesn't have to be a wall, maybe you have a mini fridge in your basement, or a older desk or table. Completely covering them in stickers is a fun way to add life to these things.

Final Thoughts

Stickers are a great way to showcase and enhance whatever you stick them on. With some thought and creativity they can become their own stories, conversation pieces, and memories. No reason to keep them hidden away. 

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