Using Stickers in the Classroom

Using Stickers in the Classroom

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New technology will change the educational landscape, but it seems like some things will remain popular for as long as there are teachers and students. Take stickers, for example. You have to imagine that educators have been using stickers in the classroom for as long as they’ve been around, and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. 

So why have stickers proven to be so enduringly popular? Because they’re versatile! Stickers can fulfill many needs in the classroom, as we’ll see below. 


There’ll be times when students need a little reminder of why they’re spending so much time in the classroom. A good way to do this is to place some inspirational quotes about learning in the classroom. And a good way to do that is to invest in some classroom stickers for your walls. 

There are some excellent quotes about learning out there. Some good ones include: “Wisdom comes not from age, but from education and learning” (Anton Chekhov) and “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go.”


It’s great to be told that you’ve done a good job, but it’s even better to be given something that shows you how well you’ve done. School stickers have been given out to well-deserving students for decades, and they still remain popular. It’s a good idea to have a few stickers in your drawer so that when one of your students does something noteworthy, you have the perfect thing to give them! In the olden days, a classic ‘well done’ or ‘you’re a star’ sticker was given. Today, you can buy custom-made stickers featuring any image or phrase that you like. 


You can decorate your classroom with more than just inspirational quotes. You can also incorporate things to help enhance your students learning. Create number lines, maps, name tags, themed boards, stations and more using stickers in order to take some of the hassle out of the process. Add your personal touch to your teaching by using classroom stickers that show your personality, or school spirit. 

classroom stickers customized


You can help your students become more engaged with the learning process by letting them decorate their books, notebooks, and other supplies with cute stickers. The personal touch will allow students to feel a closer connection to their property and their work, and that can only have a positive impact on the learning experience. 


Looking for a way to help increase student engagement and make your job more fun? Look at buying some classroom stickers that you can use when you’re grading homework and exams. You’ll get tired of writing little comments all the time, and your students will get tired of reading them. Liven things up a little by putting down your pen and picking up stickers. It’s much more fun to place a sticker next to an awesome answer rather than simply writing, well, “awesome answer.”


Ultimately, stickers help to create a more engaging and colorful classroom, and the importance of that won’t be lost on experienced teachers. If you’re looking to incorporate some stickers into your classroom, be sure to place an order with us here at We offer a quick online design process, fast turnaround times, and free and convenient shipping, ensuring that you can get your sticks without any hassle.

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