Get Your Stickers Faster by Skipping the Proof Process

Get Your Stickers Faster by Skipping the Proof Process

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Here at CustomStickers our customers needs come first. When you order from us we know that you want your stickers as soon as possible. This is why our focus is getting your sticker out the door as fast as we can while still making a high quality product that fits your vision. So we will let you in on a little secret. You can get your stickers faster by skipping the proof process. 

Part of the sticker making process typically includes a step called proofing. This is a free service that entails us creating a mockup and then sending it back to you through email for approval. Proofing helps us make sure we get your design just right.  If there are changes you would like we then take that feedback, make the changes and continue to work with you on the design until we get the final approval to put your design on our printers. 

Save Time by Skipping the Proof Process

This process can be helpful and important for some people, however not every one needs their stickers proofed. If you are one of these people, you can skip the proof process and get your stickers faster. This means we can get your sticker printed at a much faster rate so that we can get them to you much quicker. Obviously you still want to make sure that your design is right for you even in skipping the process, so here are a few things you can do to make sure that in choosing to opt out of the proof process you are still going to be satisfied with your order.

When initially setting up your file if you send us a mockup with the cutline included we can use that cutline and you can be sure that you are getting the sticker that you want. Another option would be if you have a mockup from an other sticker provider or designer, go ahead and submit that and we can use the cut line that they will have included with the file. If you don't have a cutline on the file or if you want further assurance that you will be getting the product you want without going through the proof process, leave detailed instructions as to what you want done with your sticker. 

Ultimately our goal here is to serve you in a timely manner, so help us help you in making sure you have everything prepared so we can efficiently get your product to you. 

Want to try our stickers out before you place an order?  Check out our free stickers here:

Free Custom Stickers | 3in Samples

Free Custom Stickers | 3in Samples


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