How to Order Custom Stickers |

How to Order Custom Stickers |

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At Custom Stickers we want to make it as easy as possible to order custom stickers.  With our process, you can order stickers in just a couple minutes, and have them in front of you in under a week. 

It's so simple, there are just 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose the type of sticker you want to make
  2. Select the size and quantity
  3. Upload your design
  4. Review your proof

Let's talk about each of these in a bit more detail.

Choose Your Sticker Type  

Here you'll decide what type of material and finish you want for your stickers.  The most popular option is our standard vinyl.  We use a durable, high quality vinyl with a matte laminate as our default.  If you aren't sure, you can't go wrong with this setup for your custom stickers.  We can also make glossy stickers if you prefer.

Of course, you may want something different.  Take a look at our holographic stickers, which can really make your design stand out.  Clear stickers are a great option for windows, or putting on products. 

We also have custom label options, which are great if you need your stickers on a roll. 

No matter what type of sticker material you choose, you can expect our same quality and attention to detail.

Select the Sticker Size and Quantity You Need

The size you choose will depend on what it will be used for.  If you want something to hand out or use as a marketing tool, we generally recommend 3 to 4 inches.  These are the most common sizes we sell.  

When deciding on the quantity, it can pay to stock up.  We offer discounts based on the quantity of stickers you purchase, so as you buy in higher quantities the cost per sticker drops.  That said, we try to offer the best prices on the market even for low quantities.  

Upload Your Sticker Design

Many people ask what file type they should submit.  Our designers can work with any file type, so our answer is always to simply submit whatever the best quality version of your design that you have.  If your artwork is not ready yet, you can choose to email it later. We’ll send you a reminder, so you don’t have to remember!

Review Your Proof

We want to make sure your sticker turns out exactly how you want it.  To do that, we offer free proofs with every order.  We'll send you a mockup that shows the format, and exactly how your stickers will be cut.  We usually do a great job the first time, but you can request as many changes as you like until you are happy with the result.  

Once you've approved your proof, we will start printing it.  Our typical production time after approval is 1-2 business days.  You'll have your custom stickers in hand before you know it.  

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