What are Holographic Stickers?

What are Holographic Stickers?

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Holographic stickers are stickers that have been printed onto a special type of vinyl that creates an iridescent effect by refracting light.  This makes a design pop in a unique way by reflecting rainbow colors when the stickers catch light.

How are Holographic Stickers Made?

At Custom Stickers our process for creating holographic stickers is similar to our process for other custom stickers.  We print a design directly onto high quality holographic vinyl.  We then add a thick layer of laminate to enhance the durability and make the stickers waterproof and sun proof.  This makes them perfect for any use, even outdoors or on cars or water bottles.  

Holographic sticker vinyl is different than normal vinyl.  It has a very thin layer of metal that is applied to a polyester film.  A process called "embossing" creates a textured surface on the metal layer so that light can be refracted.  This is what creates the unique rainbow effect.

Holographic Stickers are an awesome way to make your design stand out.  If you use a design with high contrast - a mix of dark colors and light or white color, it can give the sticker a really nice effect.  The darker ink will mute the holographic effect, whereas the lighter areas will be more reflective.  

Holographic Stickers

Holographic Stickers


Description Holographic Stickers | Holographic Vinyl Sticker Decals The iridescent effect of our holographic vinyl gives your custom holographic stickers a psychedelic look.  The holographic effects reflect rainbow colors in the light. Printed on generously thick, durable vinyl with a weatherproof… read more

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