How to Remove Sticker Residue | A Quick Guide

How to Remove Sticker Residue | A Quick Guide

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Removing old stickers and labels can be a hassle. If you need to remove sticker residue gunk this article is for you.

At CustomStickers, our quality is the best in the industry. Our stickers have a permanent adhesive that will stay in place on many surfaces for years with no problem. When you want to remove it, our stickers will come off leaving little to no residue.

That said, a lot of folks buy stickers from us in order to replace older stickers that they’ve bought elsewhere. With sticky labels and lower quality stickers, gunky sticky residue can be a problem.

Stickers can go anywhere in the home. You might love putting them on walls, glass, and even clothing. Yet it can be frustrating when you need to remove sticker residue. This article will look at how to remove sticker residue from a range of areas.

First Remove as Much Sticker Residue as You Can With Your Fingers

The best way of removing sticker residue is to roll as much as you can into little balls and pull it off with your fingers. Remove as much residue as you can with your hands before you try any of the below.

Step two should be to simply use hot water and a paper towel. Adding a bit of baking soda or dish soap can loosen up the sticker residue.

Whatever residue remains can be carefully approached with one of the techniques that follow.

Use a Plastic Scraper on a Metal Surface or Glass Surface

If you are removing sticker residue from metal or glass, then a scraper could help you. Window scrapers can help you remove stickers from your windows, lockers, and even laptops, completely removing the sticker residue at the same time.

Remove Sticker Residue from a Clothing Item by Putting it in the Freezer

If you have fabrics with stickers on them, you might think that the sticky adhesive will never come off.

But you can remove sticker residue by first putting the item of clothing in the freezer. After an hour, you should be able to lightly rub off the hardened material using a microfiber towel.

Use Nail Polish Remover to Handle Stubborn Adhesive Residue

Nail polish remover is also a really good way to remove sticker residue.

Put nail varnish remover on a damp cloth, then gently rub it on the residue to remove residue from more delicate items like natural fibers.

Rubbing Alcohol Acts as a Solvent for the Adhesive Residue

If you have stubborn sticker residue, dab a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and apply it to the reamining residue. The residue will break down allowing you to wipe clean the affected area.

Keep in mind, you don't want to apply alcohol to painted products or walls, as it can damage that type of surface.

Buy High Quality Stickers to Avoid Having to Remove Sticker Residue

Remember that you can order our custom stickers and be safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to remove stickers without leaving a residue.

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