Reasons to NOT Buy a Cricut Cutting Machine

Reasons to NOT Buy a Cricut Cutting Machine

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Are you considering purchasing a cutting machine? Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind before making your decision.

I recently had an intriguing conversation with a friend in town who runs a YouTube channel. He operates a sawmill that uses advanced technology to create intricate wood pieces, including laser-cut etchings. During our chat, he was astonished at how many individuals invested in these expensive machines but struggled to use them effectively. As a result, they often become frustrated and ultimately sell these machines at a significant loss.

I shared with him that a similar pattern occurs within the printing and crafting industries, especially among people getting started with Cricut machines and other cutting and plotting equipment. Many must fully understand how to use them or what they're getting into, leading to frustration and a negative perception of electronic cutting machines.

Reason 1: Research is Key

The first reason not to purchase a cutting machine is the need for more research. If you're willing to do some research, there may be better choices than buying a machine. A bit of research will guide you to the machine you genuinely need. Often, we want a machine that can do everything, but in reality, you may only need some of its capabilities. For example, I don't use my machine for cutting wood, as it's not a material I work with. I don't buy the wood that the machine can cut, and I don't focus on wood-related projects. Therefore, I don't need a machine that offers that feature.

If, on the other hand, you want to cut fabric for quilting or create fabric applications, you need to research which machine can fulfill that requirement. It's crucial to do your homework before making a purchase. Don't buy a machine just because you saw someone else use it. Also, consider whether your existing technology can support the machine you're interested in.

Reason 2: The Role of Technology

The second reason not to buy a cutting machine is if you're uncomfortable with technology. These machines rely on external technology sources, such as a computer, tablet, or iPhone, to operate. Moreover, more than any computer will suffice; your computer must meet specific requirements to run the machine smoothly.

It's essential to understand that these requirements exist, and you can find them on the websites of machine manufacturers like Cricut, Brother, and Silhouette. They provide detailed information about the technology needed to run their machines effectively. So, research and ensure your technology is compatible before purchasing.

Reason 3: It Requires Change

The third reason not to purchase a cutting machine is if you're averse to change. Updates play a significant role here. Not only does design software like Design Space receive updates, but your computer systems, tablets, and phones also update regularly, enhancing the functionality of machines and software.

If you've ever wondered why your machine can suddenly perform a new task, it's likely due to a software update that unlocked that feature. It's essential to understand that companies are not trying to withhold your functionality, especially in a free software platform like Design Space. These updates are often about improving software and hardware compatibility.

Reason 4: Starting a Business is a Slow Process

Another reason to take your time purchasing a cutting machine is if you intend to start a business. While starting a company with a Cricut machine is possible, you mustn't put the cart before the horse. Refrain from assuming that you can buy a machine, immediately make products like t-shirts or jewelry, and open an Etsy store to start receiving orders.

Starting a business requires preparation and investment. If you order a machine with adequate research, you avoid frustration, especially if you suddenly find yourself with many orders and need more skills to fulfill them. Instead, follow these steps: order the machine, research, familiarize yourself with it, and learn how to use it effectively. Consider downloading the software associated with the machine, such as Cricut Design Space, and practice creating projects before committing.

Reason 5: It May Not Save as Much Money as You Think

Lastly, don't buy a Cricut cutting machine solely to save money. Many people believe they can save by making their own t-shirts, printed cards, or other event items, but the reality is more complicated.

To create projects using these machines, you'll need to purchase materials, such as vinyl stickers and shirts, and the initial investment in the machine. Moreover, you may need a heat press, tester vinyl, design paper, and other supplies. Starting, you may be spending more money than you save.

However, as you accumulate supplies and gain experience, your expenses will decrease over time. It's important to remember that starting any business requires an initial investment, and a Cricut machine is no exception. Instead of trying to master every machine feature at once, focus on one project at a time to gradually build your knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Carefully consider these factors before purchasing a cutting machine. Research, technology readiness, willingness to adapt to updates, and a clear business plan are essential to a successful journey with these machines. Avoid rushing into a purchase and take a step-by-step approach to ensure a more enjoyable and productive experience.

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