Why Easy-Peel Stickers Are Better than Split-Back

Why Easy-Peel Stickers Are Better than Split-Back

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Stickers are a versatile and effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. They can be used for product packaging, branding, and promotional materials. When it comes to sticker manufacturing, there are two popular methods: kiss-cut or easy-peel and back-slit. While back-slit stickers have been a traditional choice for many years, the newer technology of easy-peel stickers with tabs provides a better and more convenient option. 

Back-Slit Stickers Crease and Collect Debris

Back-slit stickers have a single slit on the backing paper, which makes them easy to peel off. However, this slit can also cause problems during the manufacturing process. The slit makes the stickers more vulnerable to bending, curling and tearing. It can also cause issues during the application process, as the creasing worsens with time. Easy-peel stickers, on the other hand, have tabs on the backing paper that make them easy to peel off without the risk of bending or tearing.

Easy-peel stickers have an advantage over split-back stickers in terms of durability, as they are less likely to get creased or collect debris. When stickers become creased or accumulate debris, they lose their adhesion and begin to peel off, making them ineffective. This is especially problematic in outdoor settings where stickers are exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, easy-peel stickers with tabs provide a clean peel every time, reducing the chances of creases or debris accumulation. This means that they can remain effective for longer periods of time. Moreover, creases and debris can also make stickers look unprofessional, which is not ideal for branding purposes. Easy-peel stickers eliminate this issue, making them an excellent option for individuals looking for durable and professional-looking stickers.

Easy-Peel Stickers Have Stronger Adhesive

Easy-peel stickers have stronger adhesive because they do not collect debris. When debris or dirt accumulates on the adhesive side of a sticker, it can weaken the adhesive strength, causing the sticker to fall off or become less durable over time. Easy-peel stickers have a tab that allows for easy removal of the backing paper, ensuring that the adhesive side remains clean and free of debris. As a result, these stickers have a stronger adhesive that holds up well over time, making them a great choice for a variety of applications, including product labeling, promotional materials, and even outdoor signage. With their superior adhesive strength, easy-peel stickers are a reliable and durable option for businesses and individuals looking for high-quality stickers that can withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

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In conclusion, easy-peel stickers are superior to back-slit stickers. They are easier to use, more durable, and have a stronger adhesive. If you're looking for a reliable and versatile marketing tool, easy-peel stickers are the way to go. At Custom Stickers we offer a wide range of easy-peel stickers to fit your branding, promotional, and personal needs. Contact us today or shop our site to learn more about our products and services.

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