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Highlight your unique style, brand, and creativity with tailor-made, die-cut roll labels. Dive into our variety of sizes, materials, and finishes, paired with our user-friendly design platform.

Experiment with a fresh shape for your graphics or message using our die-cut label service.

  • 8 dimension choices
  • 3 types of paper stock available
  • Sturdy tabbed backing
  • Precision-cut roll labels
  • Vibrant, full-spectrum printing

Die-cut stickers aren't just ornamental – they're brand amplifiers and vessels of creativity. Ideal for product labeling, giveaways, or a touch of artistry. Let others flaunt your brand on their bottles, computers, and more. Our sleek, white plastic stickers can be cut into any desired shape, fitting both contemporary and rugged styles. Featuring an effortless-peel tabbed backing and sharp, vibrant printing, your stickers will exude the professionalism you embody.

Starting is a breeze. Our design studio lets you upload your emblem or design and begin personalizing in an instant. Opt for a backdrop color and select from a bespoke or classic shape cutout for your labels. Once finalized, it's off to the presses, and your labels will be on their way, poised to capture attention. Need guidance? Our design maestros are a click away, accessible through the "We’re here to help" prompt at the design studio's bottom right.

Feeling uncertain? We've got your back. With our "Upload & Go" feature, precision isn't a must. Submit your logo or image, and our design gurus will craft it into a label blueprint. Within 4 hours, we'll shoot over the design via email. Approve, or suggest tweaks. When it's spot-on, we’ll handle the printing, packaging, and shipping. Your die-cut roll labels will arrive primed for application and destined to turn heads.

Our Label Rolls Include:

  • Full-Color Print onto White BOPP
  • Water and Oil Proof for Plastic Labels
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Free Shipping

Stickers and labels are often used interchangeably, but they serve different purposes and have different characteristics. Here's a guide on when to use stickers versus labels:



  • Primarily used for decorative or promotional purposes.
  • Commonly placed on personal items, such as laptops, water bottles, or phone cases.
  • Utilized to showcase personal interests, brands, or messages.


  • Primarily used for informational purposes.
  • Applied to products, packaging, or containers to provide essential information.
  • Used for identification, instructions, warnings, or organizational purposes.

Pricing and Minimum Order QTY


  • No minimum order quantities.
  • Prices based on volume. Generally more expensive than labels, in particular for high quantities.


  • Labels require more setup so we have minimum order quantities.
  • At high volumes, labels are the most cost effective. We offer volume savings per label up to 50,000 labels.

Design and Material:


  • Our stickers are made from laminated vinyl which has a 5+ year outdoor life.
  • May have colorful and intricate designs, including text, images, or logos.
  • Typically have a strong adhesive to ensure long-lasting application.


  • We can make labels from paper, or BOPP, with or without lamination.
  • May include simple text, barcodes, or logos, usually focused on providing clear and concise information.
  • Adhesive strength can vary depending on the intended use and required durability.



  • Highly durable for outdoor or heavy-use applications.
  • Lamination ensures they don't fade from exposure to UV, or water.


  • Paper labels are meant for temporary and indoor use only. Lamination adds water resistance.
  • BOPP can be used outdoors, or when additional durability is requred (water, oil, chemicals). Lamination adds further durability, typically up to 2 years.



  • Generally applied by hand.
  • Can be placed on a variety of surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastic, or wood.


  • Can be applied by hand or with label applicators for high-volume projects.
  • Often designed for specific surfaces or environments, such as product packaging, bottles, or machinery.

To sum it up, use stickers when you want to add a personal touch or promote a message, and opt for labels when you need to provide important information or organize items. Consider factors like purpose, design, material, durability, and application when deciding between the two.

  1. What are die cut labels?
    Die cut labels are custom labels that are cut to a specific shape based on your design, often to match the contour of your logo or artwork.

  2. What are the benefits of custom die cut roll labels?
    Die cut roll labels offer a custom shape to match your design or branding, with the flexibility of roll labels for easy application and storage.

  3. Can I get a custom size for my labels?
    Absolutely! With custom die cut label printing, you can decide on the size that perfectly fits your needs, from the popular 2 x 3 inches to larger sizes like 4 x 5 inches.

  4. How do die cut labels differ from regular labels?
    While regular labels might come in standard shapes and sizes, die cut labels can be customized to unique shapes, including rounded corners and more.

  5. Do you offer free templates for design?
    Yes, we offer free templates for you to customize your design to your heart's content.

  6. How do I use a promo code?
    You can apply the promo code directly during the checkout process. Just add your chosen products to the cart, and you'll find a section for promo codes before you continue to payment.

  7. Is there an adhesive on these labels?
    Yes, we use a permanent adhesive for our labels, ensuring they stick firmly to most surfaces. The adhesive is resistant to moisture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  8. Can I print in full color?
    Yes, we provide full-color printing, ensuring your brand and artwork display in vibrant colors, enhancing your product's appeal.

  9. How do I upload my design?
    It's super easy! Head over to our design studio on the website, where you can upload your file (like a jpg) and customize it with our available templates and options. If you need inspiration, our team of designers is ready to assist.

  10. How much do custom die cut labels cost?
    Our labels are low cost without compromising on quality. Pricing will vary based on size, quantity, and any additional options you pick.

  11. How fast is the delivery process?
    Once you send us your design and it gets printed, we aim to ship and deliver your custom labels as fast as possible.

  12. Are there any limitations to the shapes I can choose?
    The beauty of custom die cut labels is the flexibility to create almost any shape you desire. From traditional rounded corners to more unique shapes, the choice is yours.

  13. How can I ensure the best quality for my labels?
    Ensure your uploaded file is of high resolution and clear. Our printing process is of top quality, and we use tear-proof paper, ensuring your labels look great and are durable.

  14. What are the recommended uses for these labels?
    Die cut labels are perfect for branding your products, from jars and boxes to other retail items. The permanent adhesive and waterproof properties make them suitable for a range of surfaces.

  15. I'm unsure about the design. Can I get help?
    Absolutely! Our designers are here to help you create the perfect label. Just click on the 'We’re here to help' note in the corner of our design studio.

  16. Do you offer any bulk order discounts?
    Of course! We love our customers and are happy to offer discounts for larger orders. Check our website for details or get in touch with our customer care team.

  17. How do I get started?
    Getting started is easy. Explore our website, choose from our vast selection of options, and start designing. If you have any questions or need assistance, we're just a post or call away!

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    Custom Die Cut Labels on a Roll

    Our quality die cut labels on a roll can be cut to any shape you want! Level up your packaging and branding with custom shapes that make your product stand out. Choose from paper, white plastic, or transparent plastic labels.

    Die Cut Roll Labels are Easy to Apply and Store

    Die cut roll labels are a versatile solution for businesses, designed for ease of application whether you're placing them by hand or utilizing a machine applicator. Their format ensures a smooth, hassle-free process regardless of the method you choose. Furthermore, for businesses seeking to brand their products in high quantities without breaking the bank, die cut roll labels emerge as the most cost-effective choice, striking a balance between affordability and large-scale branding needs.

    Customer Reviews

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