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Permanent Stickers: Durable, Versatile, and Long-Lasting

Robust Adhesion for Various Applications: Permanent decals are designed with strong adhesives, ensuring they firmly attach to a variety of surfaces for extended periods. Ideal for both personal and professional use, these stickers are perfect for branding, product labeling, and personal expression. Their ability to withstand challenging environments, including exposure to moisture, sunlight, and wear and tear, makes them highly versatile and reliable.

Material and Finish Options: Crafted from durable vinyl material, these stickers come with either a glossy or matte finish. The matte laminate diffuses light and reduces ink shine, enhancing text readability from all angles without glare. On the other hand, the gloss laminate adds a vibrant shine, amplifying the colors of your design. These stickers are available in three different material types, each offering either a matte or gloss finish, and a choice between standard liquid UV lamination or premium film lamination.

Our vinyl stickers always feature:

  • Permanenet Residue Free Adhesive
  • Full-Color Print onto White Vinyl
  • Quality Vinyl with Laminate Coating for 5-Year Outdoor Life
  • Any Shape or Design
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Free Shipping

Weather-Resistant and Protective Laminate: These stickers are equipped with a protective laminate, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They maintain their quality and appearance in various weather conditions, ensuring long-term durability and a consistent look in rain or shine​.

Optimal Application Conditions: For best results, ensure that the surface where the sticker will be applied is clean, dry, and smooth. Permanent stickers may not adhere effectively to dirty or textured surfaces. Additionally, warmer temperatures are more conducive to optimal adhesive performance, with room temperature (60 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit) being ideal for application​.

Size Range and Customization: Permanent stickers are available in sizes ranging from a minimum of 2 inches to a maximum of 12 inches in width and height. For larger sticker needs, customized options are available upon request, allowing for greater flexibility in design and usage​.

Ideal for Various Settings: These stickers are perfect for a range of uses, from property identification, safety warnings, and clothing tags to branding on hats, lunch boxes, air conditioning units, and more. Their robust nature makes them suitable for even the most industrial applications, including boats, kayaks, and outdoor equipment​.

    Permanent Stickers FAQ

    Q. What are permanent stickers?

    A: Permanent stickers have a permanent adhesive that will adhere to windows, cars, doors, and even more difficult surfaces like steel containers, dumpsters, steel drums, and more. All of our stickers are made from a thick, weatherproof vinyl material and come with UV-protective matte or gloss lamination.

    Q: What makes the adhesive on permanent stickers so strong?

    A: These stickers are crafted with a high-quality permanent adhesive that ensures they hold fast to surfaces. This strong adhesive is designed for durability and protection, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Q: Can I get custom shapes and sizes for permanent decals?

    A: Absolutely! We offer custom-cut options for both decals and stickers. You can choose any shape or size to fit your specific needs, whether it’s for a business logo or personal project.

    Q: Are permanent stickers suitable for outdoor elements?

    A: Yes, they are designed to withstand outdoor elements. Their durability makes them perfect for use on windows, vehicles, and other outdoor surfaces, ensuring they stick well and last long.

    Q: What should I expect in terms of quality and satisfaction?

    A: We pride ourselves on providing great quality stickers that meet and exceed expectations. Our customers are often very satisfied with the durability and aesthetic appeal of our products.

    Q: What is the delivery time for stickers?

    A: Orders are usually processed quickly and shipped within a few business days. You can expect to receive your items promptly, ready for application.

    Q: Is it possible to change or add to my order once it's confirmed?

    A: We understand that projects and requirements can change. Contact us as soon as possible if you need to modify your order. If we haven't started on your order yet, we should be able to update it.

    Design Setup and File Guidelines

    By default, we add a small border around your art. However, leave a note at checkout if you want full-bleed. Also, note that the size selection references the longest side of the sticker.


    Our team will do all the work to set up your file. However, suppose you are an advanced user and already have Adobe Illustrator. In that case, you are welcome to create your cutlines that we will use.

    To do this:

    1. Create a layer with your design called "Artwork."

    2. Create a second layer and call it "Cut Line." You can then use paths to create the cutline exactly how you would like it. If you want it to follow your design, you can vectorize and then offset the design and convert that path to a stroke.


    For designs with a border, you should maintain a margin of at least 0.05" between the cutline and the design.

    We can also print and cut your stickers with a full bleed. This means the design will go to the edge of the stickers. To accomplish this, we bring the cut line inside your art by approximately 0.03."

    If setting up your design with full bleed, please bring the cut line in by at least 0.03".


    For die-cut stickers, we can go as small as 0.75x0.75". If you need something smaller, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. For kiss-cut stickers, we can do 0.5x0.5".


    The finest detail we recommend is 0.5pt line-weight.


    Artwork can be supplied in CMYK or RGB. We typically recommend RGB. It has a broader color gamut. Our printers use ten ink colors so that we can hit over 98% of Pantone colors. RGB gives a more accurate print for our setup.


    We recommend that you submit your images in 300ppi at full size. If your image is low resolution, our team will automatically enhance it. However, very low-resolution images may still come out grainy even after improving. We will contact you if we think there could be an issue.

    File Format

    You can submit any file format you like. If you set the file up yourself, you can save it and upload it as a PDF. 


    By default, we leave white areas of your design transparent. In other words, we do not lay down ink in those areas. Instead, the vinyl material of your choice will show through there.

    Our printers are capable of printing white ink. If you need white ink printed on your stickers, please reach out for a custom quote.

    More About

    CustomStickers specializes in producing high-quality vinyl stickers and decals with a durable, permanent adhesive. Our company enables customers to create custom shapes and sizes tailored to their specific needs, making our products ideal for a wide array of applications, including business branding, personal labeling, and event promotions. With a focus on flexibility, we accept multiple designs in a single order, allowing for a variety of uses from security labels to decorative decals. Our website offers an intuitive platform where customers can easily upload their artwork files, choose from different product categories, and apply filters to find the perfect sticker or decal.

    We pride ourselves on our fast delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our software ensures a seamless process from file upload to final product, with an option to review and confirm details before production. This ensures each sticker or decal meets our high standards for quality and accuracy. Additionally, we offer great value with competitive prices and a best price guarantee, ensuring our customers receive the best deal without compromising on quality. With years of experience in the industry, CustomStickers is dedicated to providing top-tier products and service, striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse customer base each day.

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    Your stickers are made from thick vinyl. Waterproof, tear proof, & sun proof.

    Waterproof Stickers

    Order Stickers in Any Size, Shape and Quantity

    We can make your custom permanent decals in any shape and size you want. Unlike most sticker providers, we have no minimum order quantities. If you just need a single sticker to decorate your water bottle or phone, we can do it. Or you can buy in bulk and save!

    Waterproof Stickers
    Funny Custom Sticker: Disneys Ariel the Little Mermaid

    Perfectly Printed Permanent Vinyl Stickers

    Each permanent sticker is printed onto high-quality material. Your stickers are coated with a UV resistant laminate for indoor and outdoor use. Finally, our vinyl stickers are cut using the latest technology, this allows us to do intricate and detailed die cuts with extreme accuracy.

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