Getting Your First 100 Sales on Etsy

Getting Your First 100 Sales on Etsy

Ella Ella
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I started my Etsy shop two years ago and have since achieved over 10k sales and over $250,000 in revenue. However, getting my first 100 sales was the most challenging part. Think of an Etsy shop like pushing a heavy boulder in the beginning; it takes a lot of effort to get it moving, but as you persist, it gains momentum.

Most people struggle to reach their first 100 sales because it demands significant effort. But once you surpass this milestone, it becomes easier, and sales start to come more naturally.

Today, I'll share the strategies that helped me reach my first 100 sales and beyond. If I were starting over today, I would follow these steps. Let's dive into step one.

1: Your First Ten Sales

Achieving your first 10 sales. Before reaching 100 sales, you must first secure your initial 10 sales. When potential customers see a shop with zero sales, they might hesitate. People prefer buying from sellers with some experience.

To overcome this, consider asking friends and family to make some initial purchases. It's an excellent way to gain selling experience and validate your product. If they can leave feedback on your shop, it's all the better. It gives validation to other potential shoppers.

When seeking feedback, ask relevant questions that can offer insights applicable to your store. Remember that your friends and family are not obligated to buy from you.

2: Show That Your Shop is Active

Now that you've obtained your first 10 sales, let's move on to the remaining 90. Step two is ensuring your shop doesn't appear abandoned. Shoppers might be hesitant if they perceive your shop as inactive. Maintaining an active social media presence, such as Instagram or TikTok, can reassure customers that your shop is operational.

Additionally, continuously adding new listings and expanding your product catalog, ideally starting with around 10 listings, can make your shop more appealing.

3: Build Up Your Reviews

As the ball starts rolling, focus on step three: accumulating reviews.

Reviews are crucial, perhaps even more so than sales, as they provide proof of customer satisfaction. Encourage reviews through methods like review raffles, offering freebies with orders, and providing excellent packaging and personal touches.

4: Focus on Product Quality

Moving on to step four, product quality is paramount. A good product will eventually attract sales, while a subpar product will struggle regardless of your efforts. Listen to customer feedback and improve your product to stand out from competitors.

Always consider the value you provide to customers in exchange for their money. A fair trade ensures customer satisfaction and long-term business success.

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Wrapping Up

Starting a business and reaching the first 100 sales can be challenging, but progress is more of an exponential curve than a straight line. Expect difficulties in the beginning, but don't give up. Keep trying, experimenting, and improving until you find a winning formula.

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