How to use Stickers for Children's Crafts

How to use Stickers for Children's Crafts

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Have your children long forgotten the joys of an afternoon spent crafting and using stickers to create a fantastic masterpiece? Today we're going to be sharing some ideas on how to use stickers for children's crafts.

Stickers are such a versatile addition to any craft box. They're cheap and come in almost any color, shape, or character you can think of. This makes them perfect for creating different art projects and learning activities for your little ones. 

Check out the cool sticker crafts we've found to keep your children entertained on a rainy day, as an afterschool activity, during holidays, or on a road trip.

Sticker Stories

write a sticker story

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Creating sticker stories helps children put their words down on paper without becoming overwhelming. In addition, by being able to create images to go alongside their words and stories, they will feel like an accomplished author at the end of their story.

Create little DIY books out of craft paper and have a collection of different stickers available to help with story prompts.

Creating sticker stories is an activity that your children can return to and is an excellent choice for any road trip as you don't need extra supplies like glue and paint to create colorful drawings alongside the story.

Sticker stories are also a great idea for teachers to use in the classroom

Sticker Matching Activities

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Create a simple matching activity to help toddlers develop a range of skills. This activity can be created in minutes but offers lots of fun and discussion opportunities about what they can see on the stickers and how they know they match.

Use your children's favorite interests to keep them entertained in this activity.

Foam Sticker Art

Foam stickers are a great way to help toddlers develop their fine motor skills. Working out how to peel the backs off of foam stickers is a great activity in itself.

Make your own stamps by adding foam stickers to bottle tops in preparation for creating some great artwork.

The short depth of the bottle tops will help your toddler work on their pincer grip and hand-eye coordination to carefully pick up the small lids.

Be prepared to get messy while printing with your homemade stamps, but it will be worth seeing their proud faces when showing off their artwork.

Foam Sticker Wrapping Paper

 foam sticker art

Add foam stickers to any size rolling pin to create your own wrapping paper. You just need some brightly colored paint and big sheets of paper. A recycled newspaper is excellent for this activity.

Watching the different patterns and layered designs is fascinating, and you can alter your design by readjusting your stickers or removing them from your rolling pin and adding new stickers.

Friends and family will be overjoyed to receive their gift wrapped in handmade paper. You can also adapt this activity to suit any occasion, for example, using bunnies for Easter and stars for Christmas.

Sticker Christmas Wreath

sticker wreath 

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This is a great activity to get everyone in the festive mood and is easy and cheap to set up. The wreath is made from a paper plate with the middle cut out, but you could also use a colored card and cut out the same shape if you wanted.

Then, let your children loose with the Christmas stickers to design their holiday wreath. Finally, add some ribbon and hang it up to display over the festive period.

This activity is easy to adapt for different occasions such as Halloween and Valentine's Day.

Sticker Dot Art

Dot stickers seem to be everywhere, and when you see the fantastic artwork and activities they can be used for, you'll understand why they are the best stickers to keep tiny fingers occupied for hours.

Sticker Dot Mandalas

 sticker dot mandals

Mandalas are well known as a symbol of meditation and spirituality. Practice mindfulness by creating a sticker dot mandala. Use different colored paper cut into circles and add extra lines and shapes to complete your design around the dot stickers.

The beauty of this craft is that the finished mandala can be as simple or detailed as you like making this perfect for any age range.

Sticker Dot Alphabet Matching

Get your toddler's brains working by creating a quick alphabet matching game. Write random letters on an empty paper roll and onto your dot stickers. They will have so much fun finding all the letters and ensuring they have matched them correctly.

Such a simple and easy activity to set up will keep your toddler busy while you get some jobs done around the house or take a well-earned break with a coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

You could also create this activity with numbers.

Sticker Doodle Art

This is an excellent activity to bond with your older children and gets their creative juices flowing. And what's even better is all you need is a sheet of paper, a pen, and a set of dot stickers.

Let your imagination run wild as you develop different drawings and characters for each new sticker dot. Then, take turns creating each mini-masterpiece. You could even use different colored pens and have someone judge a winner at the end of the activity.

More Ideas for Sticker Dots

  • Color matching activities such as finding the correct wheels for the trains.
  • Create a crazy Christmas jumper design using dot stickers and a drawn jumper template.
  • Practice number skills by creating number lines or collecting the correct number of dot stickers and adding them to each number.

We hope you have found some exciting activities to try out with your children and can see the endless fun that can be had with stickers. Crafting with stickers can be as messy as you want it to be. Add paint and other crafting materials to print and decorate your designs, or simply use stickers to add to a story or mess-free artwork. 

If you enjoy crafting, take a look at our post on making stickers with Cricut.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for using stickers for children's crafts. If you need more inspiration, check out our other sticker ideas!

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