Party Planning Ideas

Party Planning Ideas

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Are you getting ready to plan your next party? A party is a fantastic way to bring people together or celebrate a fantastic achievement such as a graduation. Of course, you will likely want your party to be fun and memorable. Here are some great party planning ideas for your event and the different types of parties that you could plan. 

party planning ideas

Welcome Gifts 

First, you should think about arranging welcome gifts or parting gifts for your party guests. This is a great way to ensure that your party is remembered. Gifts like this don’t need to be massive. It can be a bag filled with delicious chocolates or sweets. Custom stickers that celebrate the occasion can make awesome party favors, and can add unique flair to your party. Alternatively, you could arrange for some trinkets as presents for your party. These can be similar to the gifts that you receive from Christmas crackers. If you are putting gifts like this in bags, make sure that you label them with stickers. This will make the gift bag more attractive and ensure it’s easy to ensure everyone receives their gift bag. 

Party Hats

Another option worth exploring for your party would be party hats. Party hats are a great budget friendly way to make your party a little more fun. It’s also a classic choice for any type of party. You can label these hats with stickers including each person’s name. This is a great way to make it easier to break the ice if there are lots of people attending the party who don’t know each other. You can even ensure that each hat is a party guest’s favorite color. 

Party Games 

Think about the different games that you can play at your party. A classic party game is Celebrity. Similar to charades, this is a party game where people attempt to guess as many celebrity names as possible in a set amount of time. A game like this is easy to set up. You just need a way to keep a check on the time and some cards with different names on them. You can customize them to make these more stylish and ensure that they look professional with custom stickers. My son had a Lego themed party for his 8th birthday. We got a print of Emmet from the Lego Movie, and then had custom photo stickers made of my son's face. We played a version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" instead playing stick the face on Emmet. It was a huge hit with the kids.

‘Who Am I” is another popular game to play at parties and you can find plenty of other possibilities online. 

party sticker ideas

Party Food

One of the most important elements of any party is the food. You need to make sure that you have a wide variety of different foods for your guests to choose from. It’s important to ensure that you are catering to different diet requirements too. Your guests will always appreciate it if you label the different food laid out so they can find options that are, for instance, vegan friendly or gluten-free. Buffet food is the easiest option to prepare for your party. 

Entertainment Ideas

Aside from games, there are plenty of other entertainment ideas that you can plan for your party. You could set up bluetooth speakers around an outside or inside area. That way, guests can easily connect their devices to play whatever music they like, be it dance music or slow melodies. Alternatively, you might also want to think about arranging live entertainment for your party. A live band will always make any party far more impressive. 

You can consider hiring equipment too. For instance, you could rent out a photobooth so that your guests can create fun and hilarious memories at your party. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the different types of parties that you can throw. 

A Cook Out

If you’re planning a party in the middle of summer a great choice would be a cook-out. You can invite the neighbors around or your friends and family. You need to plan lots of delicious barbecue food and make sure that you have a seating area set up outside. Remember, to think about shelter options too. It’s important to be ready if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Pool Party 

Another great idea for the summer season is a pool party. You might be celebrating building a pool in your home. Or, you could just love the idea of inviting people around to enjoy your swimming pool. Make sure that you get plenty of pool toys for people of all ages to enjoy. For instance, you can set up some floats and of course balls. You could even set up a floating bar in your pool where guests can get drinks and enjoy the water at the same time. If you do this, adding waterproof stickers to your plastic glasses can be a great way to make them more fun and interesting. 

Graduation Parties

There are lots of different parties that you can plan for special occasions and achievements. One idea would be a graduation party. Some of the activities that you can plan for a party like this include Giant Twister. This includes a space large enough for everyone to play with what are sure to be comical results. Or, you could play Guess Who to find out who knows people the best in class. Don’t forget to get a cake large enough for all your guests too. These can be custom designed to celebrate everyone’s graduation with a delicious, beautifully designed treat. 

Surprise Parties

Finally, you might want to think about planning a surprise party for a loved one. To plan a great party, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the guest of honor. Make sure that you think carefully about the type of party that they would want. You also need to pick a date that matches their schedule and where everyone is free. It’s important to think of a reason to get them to the event as well. This is a lot easier if you’re throwing a party at home and not at a venue. Particularly, if it is near to their birthday. They might guess what’s happening and spoil the surprise. 

We hope this helps you plan your own fantastic party. Whether you’re inviting friends, family, or colleagues, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time and a memorable event your guests are sure to love. 

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